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UmbracoForms: Mailchimp Custom workflow

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In the Umbraco form, It is quite difficult to integrate Mailchimp directly.


To make it simple, I develop simple code to make it simple and easy. In this plugin, You just need to install the package using the NuGet package and that's it. Build your project and go to your Umbraco back office. You will find the Mailchimp option in the workflow list. 


To configure it :

  • Add API key and List id.
  • map fields with form fields (eg. in an alias field, please add Mailchimp subscriber form field name.)

You can see your subscriber in the Mailchimp account.


There are two different packages for Umbraco 7.15.3 and 8.4.1

For Umbraco v7.15.3 and Umbracoforms v7.3.0 Please install : 

Install-Package UmbracoForm.MailChimp.WorkFlow -Version 2.1.1

or Download:

For Umbraco 8.4.1 and Umbraco form 8.1.2 Please install :

Install-Package UmbracoForm.MailChimp.WorkFlow -Version 3.0.0

or  Download:

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