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Umbraco CMS

How to install Umbraco CMS.

Umbraco Installation - 

There are different way to install Umbraco CMS in local PC. You are going to read about how install umbraco CMS and get ready to develop website.


How access umbraco backoffice WEB API C# controller in angularJS controller?

Ever wanted to Backoffice web API controller in the angular Js controller as a variable.

UmbracoForms: Mailchimp Custom workflow

Get the Tools You Need to Grow Your Business and Automate Your Marketing. Mailchimp Makes It Easy to Find New Audiences and Reach People. Automatic Email Solutions.

In the Umbraco form, It is quite difficult to integrate Mailchimp directly.

Umbraco, the most powerful and flexible CMS I have ever used.

Marc Love, Web Developer

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